• Bamford and Thornhill from Shatton Moor

  • The Green, Bamford

  • The Moot, Thornhill

  • Bamford Village Institute

  • Thornhill Trail

  • Slack Lane, Thornhill

  • Behind The Anglers Rest and Post Office

  • Ladybower Reservoir from Bamford Edge


The annual Thornhill Parish Meeting took place at 8pm on 21 March 2017 in Bamford Village Institute with Cllr Sue Beckett, Chair of Bamford with Thornhill Parish Council, in the chair. Cllr Rachel Waterfall (councillor for Thornhill Ward) was present, and 3 electors.                                         (Minutes taken by Petrer Leppard, Parish Clerk.)

Minutes of the 2016 meeting were confirmed as correct.

Apologies were received from Cllr Richard Bennett (due to family illness) and Helen Armitt.

Matters arising Nil

Chair's report Cllr Beckett reported on:

1. Two new Parish Councillrs who had started during the year, Jill Rosier and John Stubbs.

2. Successful commissioning of the public-use defibrillator in the refurbished Thornhill La phone kiosk.

3. The public training sessions which had then been arranged on defibrillator use.

4. The current situation re Network Rail’s proposed new Bamford-Hathersage loop. The Parish Council had, at the Public Inquiry, strongly opposed any attempt by objectors to push Network Rail into utilising instead the previously-rejected Thornhill site; the Inquiry outcome is awaited.  

5. The ongoing failure of the Digital Derbyshire project to offer an estimated date for fibre broadband reaching Thornhill; they have however promised that Thornhill is not forgotten. The proactivity of Borough Cllr Sarah Helliwell on our behalf on this issue was warmly noted.

6. NHS North Derbyshire’s public consultation on their “Better Care Closer to Home” proposals.

7. Derbyshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner’s visit to the Parish Council to talk about his policing priorities, given that policing resources are limited.

8. The recent launch of the Parish Council’s Facebook page.

9. DCC’s resourcing difficulties which had led to some long delays in repairing failed street-lights.

10. DCC’s public consultation on closing some of its children’s centres, to save money.

11. The Parish Council’s submission to the Boundary Commission re possible redrawing of the High Peak parliamentary constituency boundary.

12. The efforts of the Friends of Bamford Station group to improve its appearance and achieve wider dissemination of timetable information.

13. The Parish Council’s desire to commemorate the WW1 armistice in November 2018 in some way. Ideas from residents would be welcome.

14. The intention of Bamford & District History Group also to mark November 2018 by publishing two books, about the area as it was then and about the local people who went to war.

15. A dialogue with DCC re misleading road signs on Aston La., which they were unwilling to change.

16. Parish Council efforts to encourage improved behaviour by some dog-owners.

17. The development (albeit as yet incomplete) of a Welcome Pack for new residents.

18. The need for improvement works to the waterlogged section of Footpath 12 (Townhead La to Win Hill). These are expected to take place soon.


Issues raised from the floor

1. Does the Borough Council have any plans to close Bamford’s public toilets? No, not currently.

2. Good to see the improved condition of the ditch drain on Aston La (opposite Winhill House’s drive).

3. The dumping of a very large quantity of stone ballast on Slack La, obstructing public access.

4. Collapsing verge near railway bridge on Thornhill La – to be reported to DCC.

5. Fence repairs alongside Footpath 1 (just above Thornhill Trail) – to be reported to landowner.

The meeting closed at 9.10pm.



The annual Bamford Parish Meeting took place at 8pm on 6 March 2017 in the Village Institute with Cllr Sue Beckett, Chair of Bamford with Thornhill Parish Council, in the chair. Parish Councillors Ashton, Danks, Farrell, Hearnshaw, Rosier, Stubbs, Tattersall, Taylor and Waterfall were present, and 25 other electors, also Borough Cllrs Perkins and Walton.                                                                                (Minutes taken by Peter Leppard, Parish Clerk.)

Minutes of the Annual Meeting of 12 April 2016, having been distributed and read, were approved.

Chair's report Cllr Beckett described some actions from the past year:

  • The Parish Council gave donations for Chapel-en-le-Frith mobile physiotherapy unit (£200) and Bamford war-memorial upkeep (£100).
  • Planning has begun for the village to mark the centenary of the WW1 armistice in 2018 (input from residents with ideas for something visual would be welcomed). We have also made an application (outcome awaited) to the Heritage Lottery Fund for funding for a Bamford & District History Group research project into life in Bamford in 1918 and into its residents who fought in WW1.
  • As Bamford Clough has now been closed for over 3 years, the Parish Council asked Andrew Bingham MP to get involved in pressurising DCC to deliver a satisfactory solution soon. 
  • DCC is continuing to move towards implementing the extra double-yellow lines we seek at Main Rd junctions, but it may be that those requested outside the Institute/Marsden Row will not be proceeded with. DCC are likely also to add some double-yellow lines at the Mytham Bridge bus turnaround.
  • The new knee-rail on Ashopton Rd, near the Catholic church, has led to a great reduction in obstructions of the pavement by parked vehicles.
  • The village’s petition to DCC for a pedestrian crossing in the centre of the village was unsuccessful, as Main Rd’s usage is insufficient to meet DCC’s criteria.
  • Derbyshire’s Police & Crime Commissioner came to Bamford in November to talk about policing priorities and budgets.
  • BT had advised that they will be removing the public phone kiosks on Brentwood Rd and at the foot of New Rd during 2017.
  • The outcome of the public inquiry in May 2016 into Network Rail’s proposed line-capacity improvement works east of Bamford station had been expected by now, but has yet to emerge.
  • The Parish Council started its own Facebook page in January; its effectiveness in improving communication to residents will be assessed after 6 months. (The Council’s website also continues in use.)
  • The Parish Council installed new handrails on the footpath between the Anglers Rest and West Lees Rd.
  • In the light of continuing dog-fouling issues, the Parish Council has been encouraging HPBC to carry out more enforcement patrols in Bamford.
  • The Parish Council is currently developing a Welcome Pack aimed at new residents, containing plenty of helpful information about the village.
  • The volunteer vegetation clearance on Station Rd’s pavement in January was partially successful, but was not completed because of poor weather. A further date will therefore be arranged shortly.
  • The Parish Council’s Traffic & Parking Committee has developed some proposals for physical changes to Bamford’s roads (see next item).

Traffic & Parking proposals Cllr Stubbs gave a presentation on the Traffic & Parking Committee's proposals. In particular, he sought residents' views on whether a specialist consultant who has a track-record of designing traffic solutions for other villages should be engaged by the Parish Council to ensure its proposals are credible. A number of points were raised from the floor, in support of and against elements of the proposals; it was noted that planning permission for a village carpark would be unlikely to be forthcoming, and that DCC do not support new flashing speed-limit signs as they believe their effect lessens consderably after a short time. Some residents questioned whether it is realistic to pursue these traffic & parking issues, as some of them would be expensive for DCC to implement and DCC are under heavy budgetary pressure; others felt that the village should not be deterred by that pressure. The discussion concluded with a vote on the desirability of employing the proposed consultant - 14 voted in favour and 7 against.

Cllr Beckett noted that the Parish Council would, at its 7 March meeting, decide the way forward on traffic & parking issues. She thanked residents for their attendance and their input. The meeting closed at 9.45pm.